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Has your commercial truck been making odd sounds lately? It may be time for a tune-up. Texas Diesel Repair & Parking can take care of all kinds of diesel repair services for you. When you come to our diesel repair shop, we'll go over all the details with you and provide your truck, trailer or tanker with the attention it needs.

You can come to us for all kinds of diesel repair services, including:

Diesel oil changes
Engine repairs
Brake repairs
Welding services
Diagnostic services

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Diesel Repair

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Diesel Repair

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Commercial Truck Parking

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Monthly Specials

Park your commercial truck, trailer or tanker with us to keep it safe

When you need a place to store your commercial truck, think of us. Our commercial truck parking service allows you to keep your vehicle on our lot for as long as you need. We offer monthly and yearly rentals. Don't leave your truck somewhere you don't trust. Choose a secure, convenient parking lot to store your vehicle.

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What makes Texas Diesel Repair & Parking right for you?

It can be hard to find an auto shop that knows how to handle your vehicle. We deal specifically with diesel trucks, trailers and tankers. You can expect exceptional service from us no matter what you need. We have plenty of expertise and experience when it comes to working on diesel engines.